Intel Vs AMD

Intel vs AMD

Long is the debate of Intel vs AMD CPU’s, one generation AMD is on top, the next Intel is on top. Long may the competition continue as it keeps both companies advancing at amazing rates, and the tech we can purchase is all the cheaper for it.

At the time of writing, Intel sits on the throne but rumours are flying around that AMD are due to release their newest lot of CPU’s, and the rumours are talking of AMD taking the throne back for themselves.


Intel and AMD generally both purpose their CPU’s for all round usage, work stations, desktops and gaming being the main 3. There are some exceptions to this such as the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D which is specifically tailored to gaming, and the Ryzen Threadrippers that are tailored to workstation work although no new versions of these have come out for a while.


In the comparison we will compare the flagship CPU’s available from Intel and AMD. Intel’s i9-12900KS vs Ryzen 9 5900X.

To start off, let’s give the specs of each CPU. Intel’s 12900KS comes in at a 16 core 3.4Ghz CPU with 8 performance and 8 efficient cores, totalling 24 threads. The Ryzen 9 5900X is a 12 core 3.7Ghz with 24 threads, so the thread count is the same.

Intel’s Overclocked speed scores come in at 23% higher than AMD. There is a 31% jump on single core speed, 35% faster 4 core speed and 37% faster 8 core speed. Where the AMD performs similarly is in gaming only, whereas workstation and desktop it is completely outmatched.

To source the relevant information, we have searched on all of the user benchmarks for both CPU’s to check out the real relevant performance and not just the site listed performance, this is like having a car that says it’s 50mpg but only really gets 30mpg on the road, so userbenches are very important.

The 3 rankings on userbenchmark are based on Gaming, Desktop and Workstation scores, this is how the CPU will all round perform for these tasks. I’ve listed the comparison below:

I9-12900KS –

Gaming 115% – Desktop 116% – Workstation 141%

9 5900X –

Gaming 97% – Desktop 98% – Workstation 113%

2022’s winner

Unfortunately for AMD (although they released the 5800X3D) they have been outperformed by Intel, despite the much more recent CPU’s being an obvious advantage they are by far the most ahead. What is yet to be seen is AMD’s response to the new Alder Lake CPU’s, with AMD releasing the ‘Advanced Marketing Device 7600X’ which we assume will be a holding name for the newest CPU, so it’s possible that AMD will take that top spot shortly.


To conclude, although Intel lead the way this year with the 12900KS, 2023 is set to be very interesting with the rumoured CPU’s coming, and if the rumours are true, AMD may sit back on the throne in no time.

If you have any info on the new CPU’s coming out, please drop me a mail I’d love to hear it!

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