How to Build a PC

How To Build a PC – Step By Step Guide

Hey all, Mark here with my first guide on building PC’s! This guide can be used for beginners or experts alike who just need a little top up if they have forgotten anything.


Most importantly – tools! You will require:

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Large clean work surface
  • Monitor, mouse, keyboard
  • USB drive with 8GB storage
  • Cable ties
  • Optional wrist wrap (for anti static properties)


Components are hard to pick if it’s your first build, so I’ll create a basic build here as an example

  • CPU – Intel i5 11600k
  • Mobo – Asus ROG z590 Gaming Wifi
  • GPU – RTX 3070ti (but any will do, I would recommend the 3070ti and above if it’s within budget though!)
  • Case – Tecware VXR
  • Fans – 3 x 3 sets of RGB fans
  • SSD – M.2 or normal, I’ve chosen the WD black M.2 for those extra fast gaming loads
  • CPU Cooler – Either an AIO or CPU Fan
  • Thermal paste
  • RAM (I recommend 16 or above)
  • PSU (I recommend 750W or 850W Gold or platinum)


Set up your case – remove all of the panels so you have some space to work with. Keep some Tupperware to the side for the screws.

Install the fans – Screw in the fans to the slots where the vents are (most cases come with fans if you want to skip this part), keep the cables handy and not tangled. Wire these into the mobo to the fan slots one the Mobo is in.

Install your motherboard – Fix this into place with the screws provided with the case, make sure you check beforehand if your case does not suit the size of the motherboard, cheap cases are generally micro-atx only.

Install your CPU – Slide the spring loaded arm up and lift the bracket up. Gently place the CPU inside matching the golden triangle and slide the bracket back down. (For AMD CPU’s this process is much easier).

Install your CPU Cooler – Apply the thermal paste (size of a garden pea) and add the cooler to the top, use the fixings that come with the cooler and instructions if necessary.

Install your memory – Click your RAM into the RAM ports and make sure they are secure, carefully press until you hear a click.

Install your storage – The M.2 simply slots onto your Mobo and has a small screw to tighten, this is the easiest storage to install. An SSD requires a SATA6 cable that will plug into the mobo along with a power cable that will go directly to the PSU.

Install your power supply – Position it and install it into the case, if the PSU is modular you have free reign of how the cables sit and where they go, if it is non-modular these already have all the cables you need unless your GPU is too big for the power supply. Plug and go & check what each component requires plug wise, they should be labelled.

Now that everything is installed, we can get things really going! Use the USB you have and if you have a friend or relative with a computer/laptop you can download windows onto it to install from, once everything is plugged in and you boot, it will take you into the BIOS screen where you can navigate and ‘Boot to USB’. Plug in your USB and boot away, let windows install, purchase your copy and you’re away!

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them and depending on the time, I may be able to help you with your build, I do custom builds and custom installations (no watercooling bar CPU AIO) and can assist with anything so don’t hesitate to drop me a mail!

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