Florida Man November 29

Florida Man November 29 – The Carjacker


Florida Man November 29 is another random event for the Florida man. On the 29th day of November what did he do? Read the full story below:

Florida Man November 29 2021 – Arrested for carjacking 90 year old grandmother of 11


Police arrested the Florida man for carjacking a 90 year old grandmother of 11 and leaving her car near a Florida man’s home. The incident happened shortly after the morning rush where Florida man quit his job in anger, in Collier County, Florida. 

The officers said a witness was walking nearby when she noticed Florida Man walking suspiciously nearby a car in traffic. He then scurried into the traffic and removed a 90 year old grandmother from her Dodge before hitting the highway. 


His Arrest


Police chased the Florida man for miles before catching him, and pinning him to the ground. The Florida man admitted that he had a thing for stealing cars from old ladies, before he was carted off to jail. The court case for Florida man November 29 is one that will be televised shortly.

When we caught up with the officers, they admitted this wasn’t the first time the Florida man had carjacked, and they believe it will not be his last.  

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