Florida Man June 12

Florida Man June 12 – Stabbing a Woman Over a Date

Florida Man June 12 is another event for the ever suspicious men of Florida. On the 12th day of June what did he do? Read the full story below:

Police in Gainsville, FL, arrested a man for stabbing a woman for deserting their date. 

Yes, it can be frustrating to be left on a date, some people don’t gel together well and some people do. However Florida man took this a little bit too far. 

The suspect here is Michael Myers, who the police arrested for stabbing the woman on the date because she had made fun of his name before leaving. The incident happened in a downtown bar. The victim said that she did not think he would take it so seriously, and that she was actually only leaving to use the toilet and considered it a good date so far. 

Although we do not know what triggered Michael to act in such a way, it was pretty clear that he was upset from the woman walking away. He quickly grabbed his blade from his pocket and struck her with the handle before trying to deliver a fatal blow to the chest. 

Little did we know that on June 12 2022 the Florida man would strike, and it turns out that it is not his first offense. The Florida man had actually traveled from a different state with different laws, where domestic altercations were normal in his prior state. It is thought that the Florida man may have thought it was some form of courting ritual.  


Final Thoughts

After reading stories like this, you should definitely reconsider your next trip to Gainsville. It’s very bad when a state such as this makes Kentucky look up market. 

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