Computer Repairs Bury St Edmunds

Computer Repairs Bury St Edmunds

Are you looking for computer repairs in Bury St Edmunds? Then look no further. Hi my name is Mark, I run and operate a high quality computer repairs shop in Bury St. Edmunds.

Computer Repairs
Bury St Edmunds

I currently offer computer repairs locally to Bury St Edmunds and can either offer a mobile, or in house service for all your computer repairs needs. 

I have been dealing with computer repairs for 10 years, and also have been operating across the country for many years before that as a cabling engineer, even working for firms such as Sky and Channel 4 on their RAID systems. 

Please see below price list for all of the computer repairs I offer in Bury St Edmunds:

Computer Repairs Services in Bury St Edmunds

A total re-wire of your PC, or just a few cables, there is no one size fits all in computing. If your cables are old, burned out or even not the aesthetic you were hoping for, I can help fix this. I can order the correct cables based on your PSU model, and re-wire the same day the cables are received.

Most softwares have a cache that fills up as you use it, slowing down the program and making it more prone to error as it encodes and encodes ghost data, I can clear this out in person or remotely.

, keys, batteries and components, I cover all forms of repair on laptops. I can also upgrade laptop hardware to stop you needing to buy a higher spec laptop in the future. Please note touchscreen laptops will be a higher charge due to touch points and calibration.

I offer tutor services on software from video editing, photo editing, visual effects editing to the microsoft suite, managing your outlook and liaison suites and more.


I offer an in depth PC cleaning service, whether your GPU no longer works because of a dust build up or if your CPU is overheating, I can fix it! I also have the toolkit required to drain, clean and replace watercooled systems

The industries biggest lie is that buying antivirus stops you from getting viruses. They alert you if a virus is doing something in your system, but cannot ever fully clear it as hackers adapt their viruses to the software. I can completely identify, isolate and clear any virus file on a computer in minutes.

Installing your new internet at home, including the wiring, location and router placement. I will then test and calibrate it fully to ensure it is working to the contractual agreement you have with your supplier.


Upgrades across the board for PSU, GPU, CPU, MOBO, RAM, Case, I will check the compatibility of the products you are purchasing and once they have arrived, I will attend and re-build your PC whether it’s only a graphics card upgrade up to if it is a total rebuild.

Other Services Available

These additional services are only local to Bury St Edmunds but for a small fee of £0.75 per mile (inc return mileage) plus hotel I will be able to travel. If you are not local but are still looking for computer repairs outside of Bury St Edmunds you are more than welcome to contact me still. 

Computer building from scratch £150 (this does not include watercooled systems)

Computer building from scratch same day finish £185

Watercooled builds £350

I do not offer a one price fits all assumption with computer repairs, but I guarantee you will not match my prices elsewhere. The reason I don’t offer a one price fits all guarantee is you may think there is a huge issue with your computer that may take all day, but I may be able to identify and fix the problem in 10 minutes.

This would lead to you paying £100’s with a competitor, whereas my hourly rate would be significantly cheaper.

Please note watercooled systems will take up to 3 working days to build and an additional day of running to test, which is included in the price. 

Apart from offering computer repairs Bury St Edmunds, I do also run a tech computing blog, where I give hints and tips across my pages for anyone interested in tech. 

If you require computer repairs in Bury St Edmunds please don’t hesitate to contact me on the below form, many thanks for reading and I’m very much looking forward to repairing your tech!

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